E3 2018 – What I’m Hoping to See

This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is fast approaching – it’s on between the 12th and 14th of June in the US (the 13th-15th for us in Australia). Some pre-E3 news has already hit us (Battlefield V, Call of Duty 4, Fallout: 76, and Pokemon, for example), but of course, there will be a bunch of new announcements over the course of the three days that the event is active. Given the reports that we are coming towards the end of the PlayStation 4’s lifecycle (and by extension, probably the Xbox One as well), it is likely that there will be some big announcements on the software front this year, although of course, that remains to be seen. I have some expectations, as well as some things that I’m hoping to see that may not eventuate – so let’s look into them, shall we?



Old Nintendo has been on a winner since the release of the Switch, announcing and releasing games across many of their primary franchises. Interestingly, they’ve already pre-empted E3 with a couple of Pokemon announcements, which I would have expected them to keep up their sleeves as a major announcement… I wonder what is in store for us then!?

Metroid Prime 4 – I didn’t play much of the first three games in this series, but I’ve been told I missed out. So I’m interested to see what’s coming for the Switch. This was already announced in 2017, so it’s almost a given that something will be shown off this year.

Bayonetta 3 – I’ve recently joined the legion of Bayonetta fans, so I’m pretty pumped for this. Announced at the Game Awards in late 2017, I’ve got a feeling we’ll see a gameplay trailer and hopefully a release date at this year’s E3.

Animal Crossing Switch – realistically, this may be a long shot. I kind of hope for this every year, to be honest, but given the rumours, I kind of a have a feeling that this might be the year for the announcement – where there’s smoke, there’s fire, after all. Fingers crossed – I love this little time waster.

Super Smash Bros – Nintendo has already outright stated that their Nintendo Direct would be strongly focused on Super Smash Bros, and who can blame them? This game is immensely popular and folks are already going crazy for more info on the Internets. Me? I’ve never really played any of the SSB games, so I’m not that excited (yeah, I’m a bit weird, I’ve never played Pokemon either).

Something else? We’ll probably hear about Fortnite being ported to Switch (it’s everywhere else by now, so why not?), and I’m kind of holding out hope that Paladins will also get the Switch treatment, but who knows? There’s also rumours of a possible Starfox game (and the rumours suggest this is actually a racing game with elements borrowed from Diddy Kong Racing, which has me giddy), and we’ll likely also see the new Yoshi game in action, because Nintendo tends to show off everything they’ve announced. This also suggests we’ll see more of that Pokemon stuff at the show as well, if that floats your boat. Lastly, we should hear about the N64 Mini, which is also pretty exciting, for a retro nerd like me.



Sony kind of jumped the gun this year, and notified everyone with a video covering the four first-party titles that they will be showing off at this year’s presentation – Death Stranding, Spider-Man, The Last of Us Part 2, and Ghost of Tsushima. I’m very keen to see all of these, naturally (particularly Ghost of Tsushima and Spider-Man), but there’s at least one other thing I expect to see at their presser…

Destiny 2 new DLC – Bungie will almost definitely jump on stage to provide a brief introduction to the upcoming major DLC expected in September. It will be a MASSIVE surprise if they don’t. Given the issues they have faced with Destiny 2, Bungie needs to have something pretty impressive to try to get people back onside.

Something else? I’m sure Sony has something up their sleeves, and they’ll almost certainly have a few other third-party titles as part of their press conference, but much of it is likely to be a surprise (Bloodborne 2, anyone?). Alternatively, some of the games I’ve listed under “Other” below will possibly make their way onto this or Microsoft’s press conference. Also, keep in mind that we’ll definitely see new trailers for Red Dead Redemption 2 and Days Gone, so there’s that. Unless Sony has something brand new and unknown that they’re keeping secret, it might just be a quiet one for them this year.



Microsoft has been a little lacklustre at recent E3 showings (although I’m sure some may disagree), and with Sony seeming somewhat underwhelming this year, it might be the time for the Xbox team to shine. Here’s hoping they’ve got some exciting announcements hiding away!

Halo 6 – I’m expecting this year to be the big Halo 6 announcement, but given Halo 5 was so disappointing (I never even got halfway through the campaign), there’ll have to be something truly different about this one to get me excited. Still, it will be good for Xbox fans, and hopefully will have a robust multiplayer that appeals to the esports set.

Crackdown 3 – shown off on multiple occasions, it’s about time Crackdown 3 got a release date. I was never a fan of the first two titles, but I’m told they were just plain dumb fun, so I might jump on board – third time lucky!

Shadow of the Tomb Raider – we know this will be on show, and is likely to be an Xbox exclusive for a year or so like the last Tomb Raider title. It’s bound to be good, so I’m looking forward to what is shown off this year.

Below – speaking of games that have been in development FOREVER, it’s probably about time Below was released? I’m not even sure if there are people out there that are still interested in this one – I was pumped about it years ago, but now I have forgotten what it was that even made me excited in the first place. I’m expecting a re-invigorating pitch.

Something else? Gears of War 5 and a new Fable game have been rumoured, but until I see them on stage, I’m a little hesitant to jump on board the hype train (although I’d love to play a new Fable, if I’m honest). I’m sure there’ll be more – Microsoft always has some surprises. Let’s just hope they’re good this year…



As a complete surprise, Bethesda has already shown off a teaser trailer for a little something they are calling “Fallout: 76”. On top of that, they’ve ALSO shown off a trailer for Rage 2… Are they leaving something HUGE for their press conference, or do they not have anything else? Time will tell…

Fallout: 76 – A new Fallout title released so soon after Fallout 4 kind of breaks the standard release cadence of Fallout-Elder scrolls-Fallout-Elder Scrolls, which is what we’ve all come to expect. However, it’s apparently an Online Survival RPG, so it’s a bit different. I guess we’ll see come Bethesda’s press conference.

Rage 2 – while we’ve seen a trailer, I expect the team will jump on stage to provide a more in-depth overview. My initial reaction was that although it looked bombastic and fun, it didn’t seem deep enough to get me to want to throw money at it. We’ll see if that changes.

Unnanounced RPG – this is the big one. Many of us are expecting Bethesda to show off an unannounced brand new RPG at this year’s show, based on previous reports and things that have been said over the years. Bethesda has clarified that a new Elder Scrolls game will not be on show this year, so the likelihood is that it will be the other big RPG that has been widely reported to be in the works – Starfield. I’m unsure if this is a working title, or whatnot, but many are referring to this as “Fallout in space”. I’m interested in a Bethesda space RPG, so I’m really hoping this is on the cards.

Something else? Bethesda did say that they had a few new franchises that were being worked, as well as Elder Scrolls 6 (which they confirmed would not be shown this year), but I would expect that if anything, they’ll only show off one of these – and let’s face it, Fallout: 76 might be so different from the other Fallout games that it might technically be considered “new”. Personally, I’m expecting to see some DLC for Wolfenstein 2, maybe something regarding Quake Champions (I’d love to see it on consoles, but I’m not holding my breath) and maybe that’s it.



Back in the day, EA was a powerhouse, but if you’re not a massive fan of sports games, then these days there is less on offer than what we would see previously. Apart from Anthem, I’m not really holding out much hope.

Anthem – this will definitely be shown off, and to be honest, I’m pretty pumped for it. There’s not much they could do to fail here, because I just need something to scratch the online RPG itch. As long as it is similar to Warframe/Destiny, but with a new story/approach, then I’m on board.

Sports titles (Madden, FIFA, etc.) – these are a given, and to be honest, they do get better every year. The problem is, they only improve slightly every year, and are still essentially the same game, but the fans absolutely LAP THEM UP. There’s nothing wrong with that, I guess (Call of Duty is much the same), but I can’t get excited about more sports games. Especially when I know this will take up at least half of their presentation…

Something else? I’m sure there’ll be something else – more info on Battlefield V, of course. Something Star Wars related (they REALLY need to get on top of this franchise, or they’ll risk losing it), and maybe even a new Plants vs Zombies game, but I’m unsure how well that franchise is going. I hope there’s something more, as I know EA can do great things.



Ubisoft generally puts on a good show, and their core titles have improved and grown year-on-year – so much so that this presentation is one that I am looking forward to the most. Not that I’m really keen on everything they have to show, but everything Ubisoft does is DIFFERENT. I don’t expect a new Assassin’s Creed or Watch Dogs, and while I harbour hope we’ll see a new Rayman game, I really don’t expect that either… Still, it’s bound to be a good show.

The Division 2 – I liked The Division. It was a really solid game, that, unfortunately, did not have a really solid end game. Apparently, this changed over time, but it was too late for me, as I’d already moved on. As a result, I have high hopes for The Division 2 – much like Anthem, if they hit the right notes, I’m already on board.

Skull & Bones – Ubisoft’s pirate simulator was teased at last year’s E3, and I’ve got a feeling we’ll get some more info and a release date this year. It looks like a more “serious” Sea of Thieves, and if it has the progression that Sea of Thieves lacked, it may just succeed.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 – I never played Beyond Good and Evil, but fans of that title are foaming at the mouth for this one. I have to admit, thematically it looks amazing, but I just don’t understand exactly what this game IS, so I’m hoping to have that cleared up.

Something else? There are rumours of a Splinter Cell revival, but that remains to be seen, and it’s likely we’ll see some updates in regards to Starlink and Transference, which were announced at last year’s E3 (both are kind of niche – Starlink is a Switch game that requires players to connect a starship to their controller, while Transference is a VR title). And there’ll no doubt be a new trailer for The Crew 2, which is due out soon, but as to Ubisoft’s other major titles? Maybe Watch Dogs, but I think it might even be too soon for that. Oh, and Let’s Dance. There’s always more Let’s Dance.


There will, without a doubt, be a number of new games announced that are not on any of these lists. In addition, some of the games that ARE on this list may not even be announced, but I’ve gone over what I’m HOPING to see. But there are a few titles that don’t fit neatly into the above, so I’ve included them here.

Mortal Kombat 11 – if you know me, you’ll know I love the Mortal Kombat series. Out of all the game series that I collect, it is the one I’m most proud of (with the Yakuza series a close second). Ed Boon, Creative Director at NetherRealm Studios (and co-creator of the MK series… *swoon*) has been dropping hints on Twitter, so this might be a thing! Yay! Then again, he can be a bit of a troll at times, so we’ll see.

Cyberpunk 2077 – from the makers of one of the best RPGs in recent times (The Witcher 3) comes a futuristic RPG in the form of Cyberpunk 2077. And that’s about all we know about it. It’s been in the works for about a billion years (give or take) and hopefully this year we finally hear what the team has in store for us. Bring. It. On.

Kingdom Hearts 3 – if you’ve ever played a Kingdom Hearts game, you’ll know how charming and fun to play that they are. Think Disney crossed with Final Fantasy (which is … pretty much exactly what it is). Kingdom Hearts 3 has ALSO been in development for a hell of a long time, and it’s ALSO about time the game got a release date. There’s been a buzz in recent times, so it’s almost a given that this will be happening. But you never know with E3.

Tempest 4000 – something else I also love? The Tempest series. I’ve always loved it, but Tempest 2000 on the Atari Jaguar (my bae) and TxK on the PlayStation Vita are both two of my favourite arcade games of all time. With Tempest 4000 coming soon on multiple platforms, I’m hoping we see it this year at E3 (it’ll be there, but I’d love to see it on stage somewhere).

Something else? There’s bound to be hundreds of other games on show, but when it comes to what else MIGHT be at E3 that would get my motor running? Borderlands 3 would be awesome, but I’ve got a feeling this year might be a bit soon. There are also rumours regarding Just Cause 4 and Devil May Cry 5, both of which would be fun additions to my collection. It’s also about time we heard something new in regards to the Final Fantasy 7 Remake – I never finished FFVII, so this is on my lists of must-haves. I also have a couple of outsiders on my list – these are of interest to me, but I really am not quite sure if I’ll ever play them – Defiance 2050 and Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor – Martyr. The former is a free-to-play (at least I think it is) game in the ilk of The Division, while the Warhammer title is a Diablo-alike. Given the Warhammer universe is of interest to me, I’m interested to check it out when it comes to consoles (I believe it is already available on PC).


E3 is looking to be huge this year – perhaps no major hardware announcements, but there are some really big titles coming down the funnel, which is exciting. Given it’s possible that there are only a few years left in the current generation, some of the live service games that will be shown off this year may well be the last big long-term plays on these systems, which is both scary and kind of cool at the same time (Anthem and The Division 2 have a lot to live up to, if that’s the case)! I can’t wait to see what comes out of E3 – I’ll be sure to post summaries of all of the major press conferences in the coming weeks.

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