E3 2018: Electronic Arts

EA was first off the mark with their press conference this year, and it went off with little more than a whimper, to be honest. Much of what was on show had either already been revealed or was under development via an Independent developer, while the only big new AAA game that was announced had nothing to show… Still, I think the only thing most viewers were interested in was Anthem, and this title made up a good chunk of the show. Trailers and more information follow, where available.

Battlefield V

The Battlefield 5 team was upfront, and the announcements were… pretty dull overall. The only big announcement they made was that a Battle Royale would be added at a later date. After the show, multiplayer footage was also shared – see below.


FIFA 18 Update for the World Cup

Streaming platform

EA CEO and fellow Aussie Andrew Wilson was on stage next with a couple of platform announcements. Firstly, he focused on the future of gaming, with EA firmly believing that streaming would come to replace platform, allowing players to play their games on any device via the magic of the Internet. There would be something to show on the E3 show floor, but it was a placeholder to demonstrate the technology, and any consumer release was still several years off.

Originally Access Premier

This looks to be a PC-only subscription platform, where players pay a monthly access fee for access to all EA games. Not to be confused with Origin Access, which provides similar for (most likely) a much lower fee, but access is only granted to older titles, with newer titles added generally around 12 months after release.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

There was nothing to show here, but Respawn’s Vince Zampella was on hand to announce that the game was aiming for a Holiday 2019 release (i.e., December or thereabouts) and that the game would be set between Episodes 3 and 4 of the movies. It will be focused on the dark times surrounding the eradication of the Jedi Order.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

There wasn’t a hell of a lot on display here, but the main point of the announcements here was to acknowledge the issues the team had faced in the past, and to briefly cover the way forward. There was mention of the upcoming Han Solo season, but they also took the time to mention another upcoming season focused on the Clone Wars, with added fan favourites such as General Grievous and Obi-Wan Kenobi coming to the game.

Unravel Two

This was somewhat unexpected – the developers got on stage to introduce the sequel to their somewhat popular 2016 title Unravel. In Unravel Two, players need to save two cute little yarn characters and can do so either solo or in co-op with a friend. The most surprising announcement, however, was that it was finished, and had been released on all platforms as of today.

Sea of Solitude

Another EA Original Indie title, Sea of Solitude is under development from new developer Jo-Mei in Berlin. It is an emotional story centred around loneliness – the main character has become so afflicted by this emotion that she has essentially become a monster, and the game revolves around making changes to return her humanity.

NBA Live 19

Madden 19

Command & Conquer Rivals

This mobile title came as somewhat of a surprise. On stage, it was demonstrated essentially as an esport, with two competitors playing through a single match to demonstrate the process, and two casters calling the match over the top. The game looks fun, with mining and building aspects, the goal of which is to seize control of a central rocket, which is then fired at the opposing team’s base. It will eventually be released to iOS and Android, but the Alpha has been released to Android and is available in the Google Play store as of today.


This is what I was mostly excisted for, nd while I was satisfied, I also strangely felt as if none of my questions had been answered. There was a brand new Cinematic trailer, followed by 10-15 minutes of Q&A and additional footage, but it all seemed to go over either known details, or detail that had already been speculated as given due to the type of game that Anthem is. Even the gameplay footage that was shown (below) was severely edited – not just for time, it seems, but also to remove footage of any weapon or resource drops… Still, more footage is more footage, and I guess the team doesn’t want to mislead with things that are subject to change. There may even be other footage online soon enough, as the game will be on the show floor.

Come back tomorrow for details on the Microsoft and Bethesda Press Conferences.

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