E3 2018: Sony

Sony decided to try something different this year. Kudos to them, I guess, but I strongly doubt they’ll do things this way again next year. Given Nintendo’s success with their very strange “Nintendo Direct plus Treehouse” formula, it would appear someone at PlayStation thought it might be a good idea for PlayStation to try something similar. It didn’t work. It REALLY didn’t work. Half of the show was wasted conversation between unknown individuals, and it was never really clear if the show was actually happening or not. I’m pretty sure I’ve covered everything here, but still, hours after the show, I’m STILL confused. That said, I’ve simplified everything for you below. You’re welcome.

The Last of Us, Part 2

A cinematic trailer was shown, which included a lengthy playthrough. The game looks gorgeous and touches on the same themes as the original (plus some new ones). It’s bound to be just as good!

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Looks like you can get access to classic Black Ops 1 and 2 maps on Black Ops 3 now, by pre-ordering Black Ops 4 on the PS Store. Black Ops 3 is also being dropped into PS+ and should be available for download right now!

Sizzle Reel

Just a bunch of clips edited together for your pleasure – thanks PlayStation!

Destiny 2 “Forsaken”

A single, short cinematic, but one with a punch for anyone that’s across the Destiny storyline… I guess it was necessary, as they need all the attention they can get in order to entice people back. There’s no gameplay footage here, but if you want to know what the storyline is about in “Forsaken”, check this out.

Ghost of Tsushima

A very moody introduction to what looks to be a very promising title. Just watch the video! From the themes, to the cinematography, to the music, this game already has a lot going for it. The actual gameplay mechanics look to be a little lacking, though. We’ll have to wait until 2019 to know for sure.


This looks interesting – Quantum Break was great, and this has a similar feel to it (made by the same developers). Due sometime in 2019.

Resident Evil 2

A very impressive-looking remake of the fan favourite Resident Evil game. Due on January 25, 2019. I’m especially looking forward o this as it looks as if it will bring the Resident Evil 4-style over-the-shoulder perspective to an already fantastic game.

Trover Saves the Universe

Ummm… yeah – this looks hilarious, being made with Justin Roiland and all. But the gameplay footage didn’t exactly look very promising… Hopefully we’ll see more that will seem less frustrating.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Another new trailer! This one featuring Pirates of the Caribbean. Seriously, they have squeezed so much into this title, no wonder it’s taken FOREVER to make. If you aren’t sold by now, then you probably won’t be. I’m on board. Coming January 29, 2019. There will also be a PS Pro Limited Edition, which will also come with the previous titles – a pretty good option if you are flush with cash and have been hankering for some Kingdom Hearts.

Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima certainly has his own vision, and this comes across very strongly in the games he makes. I’ve never been a huge fan of the Metal Gear series, but this looks… different, and perhaps more my kind of experience. I still have NO IDEA what this is all about, but godDAMMIT am I interested to find out. Then again, it also just looks like a walking simulator so far. No release date as yet.

Nioh 2

The sequel to the popular Japanese folklore-themed Souls-a-like wasn’t really expected to be annouced this year, but I’m sure there are some excited people out there. No release date as yet. (Strangely, the PlayStation YouTube channel doesn’t have a trailer uploaded just yet, so I’ve used the Kotaku one.)


The highly anticipated Spider-Man had a lengthy showing at the conference – demonstrating some of the story aspects, as well as the fighting and web sliging mechanics. Needless to say, it looks pretty damned good. Release date is well known – Spider-Man is coming out on September 7th this year.


A new VR game (of all things) from From Software… Absolutely no other information to share! (Also, I just wanted to say “from From Software”.)

PS VR Highlights

The PS VR was kind of screwed over this year – some of the games in this highlights video have been out for a looong time. Still – there are plenty of interesting looking titles in there.


Tomorrow will be the last of the major conferences, with Nintendo’s Direct happening while many of us Aussies sleep. I’ll be getting up early to do a write-up for you, so don’t stress, but you’re damned right I’m looking forward to getting some well-earned sleep soon!

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