E3 2018: Ubisoft

Ubisoft put on a good show this morning – probably a little long, but full of good content, which is what’s most important for this kind of thing. A couple of little surprises, but strangely no big announcements (nothing beyond what was expected to be on show, at least). Videos embedded below!

Just Dance 2019

This was weird – absolutely nothing was announced, just a dance troupe on stage dancing away to well known modern (and some not-so-modern) tunes. Not even sure if there was an announcement in this.

Beyond Good & Evil 2

Some new footage, yay! The more I see this game, the more I want to play it – apparently, the team is building an “open universe” to explore, and that sounds amazing. They are also partnering with Hit Record, a company focused on collaborative projects, to allow fans to get their artwork (music, images, ideas, etc.) into the game. There will be more information at the upcoming “BGEFest” to be held in Montpellier later this year.

Rainbow Six Siege

The Community Manager appeared on stage to thank everyone and to announce that they’ve just hit 35 million registered players! Apart from the “Operation Para Bellum” DLC, they are always working on adding more and more content. The next focus is on esports, with the upcoming Rainbow Six Pro League to play out over 6 months, with finals for 6 Major, 6 Pro Leauge, and 6 Invitational to be held later this year (with the latter in early next year). They will also be releasing an esports documentary called  “Another Mindset”, the full release of which will be held at the 6 Major Paris event on August 13-17.

Trials Rising

Considering the popularity of these titles, it wasn’t terribly surprising that a new game has been announced – and this time also coming to Nintendo Switch! There will be a closed beta – you can register now by clicking here! Trials Rising will release in February 2019.

The Division 2

Lots of good new footage, as well as some info covering plans around the end game and the long-term future (sounds like they learned from The Division 1, but I guess we’ll see when we finally get to play the game for ourselves)  – there will be 3 DLCs released in 2019,  and all will be free! Again, releasing March 15, 2019, and players can register for the beta here

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle “Donkey Kong Adventure”

A new DLC – and due out really soon, on June 26!

Skull & Bones

Some new gameplay footage was shown, with some inclusion as to cosmetics, but still no concrete release date beyond 2019.


Elijah Wood appeared on stage to introduce Transference, as his organisation SpectreVision is working alongside Ubisoft to provide some new narrative VR experiences. Due in Spring 2018.


At first announcement in 2017, Starlink initially appeared to be coming for Nintendo Switch, and to be honest, it looked a bit dull. Well, now it’s coming to all consoles (on October 16, to be precise!), and it looks a hell of a lot more ambitious than I initially thought… Still not really my cup of tea, but this definitely looks better than I expected. Miyamoto was also on hand to say hello, as Star Fox will also be included in this title, exclusive to the Switch, of course.

For Honour “Marching Fire”

A new DLC is coming soon, and bringing with it a new faction, and a new game mode. I really should give this game another chance, because it looks fun. And now I have the chance, as Ubisoft is giving away the standard game for free on Uplay (until Mon 18 June)!

The Crew 2

Of course, with the game so soon to release (June 29), this presentation was merely a reminder, and a brief announcement that there will also be an open beta from June 21, and players can preload now on their platform of choice.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Much like Assassin’s Creed Origins last year, I was extremely impressed with what was on show for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey today – the game looks phenomenal. Then again, my reluctance to enjoy previous titles in the series means I never purchased Origins, so I may also miss out on Odyssey… We’ll see – Assassin’s Creed Odyssey releases close to my birthday, on October 5.


Phew! We’re almost done with the E3 Press Conferences – I hope you’re enjoying these! Keep an eye out for Sony’s presser update later this evening.

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