Esports results: Week ending 08 July 2018

Welcome to this week’s esports update! As we moved from the regular season into the play-offs, we’ve seen some exciting match-ups AND some big upsets in the Gfinity Elite Series – things are heating up, and Melbourne looks to be leading the pack. And in the second week of the second season of Overwatch Contenders (try saying that ten times fast), it’s becoming plain to see that teams that were strong in Season 1 are likely to be the teams to beat again in Season 2.  Exciting times ahead – this weekend’s Gfinity Elite Series finals will be a blast.


This week was exciting, as we saw the top 4 teams within each game bracket battling it out to see who would progress into the finals – and not everything went as expected! We’ll see the same four teams continuing into next week, with Melbourne Order managing to score a seat at every final.

The CS:GO play-offs went as was expected – both the Sydney Chiefs and Melbourne Order have dominated this season, so it was unsurprising to see them both head into the finals. The main question was whether or not the Order would be playing off against Avant Gaming or the Chiefs, but clearly, Sydney came out on top (the Chiefs also defeated Avant Gaming fairly comfortably in the regular season). The previous match-up between Sydney Chiefs and Melbourne Order was quite close, so this weekend’s final is bound to be tense.

Rocket League saw a major upset, in that the team leading the charge with an unbroken winning streak (Sydney Chiefs) was taken out by the underdogs (Melbourne Avant Gaming). With Avant Gaming being considered the “junior” Melbourne team, Order may have quite the match on their hands next week. The Sydney Chiefs was not only the leading team but also one of the best Rocket League teams in the world (I understand the team is ranked number 6 globally). This was a huge achievement for Avant Gaming, and hopefully a sign of big things in the future!

Lastly, the Street Fighter 5 play-offs also saw some upsets in that the two teams leading the charge prior to this week (Melbourne Avant Gaming and Sydney Chiefs) were both eliminated by the 3rd and 4th paced teams! This may be a sign that the current format for play-offs may not be ideal (considering the upsets in both Rocket League and SF5) so there may be changes in the next season. The last time Ground Zero was matched against Order, they lost by a large margin, but the team has had some consistently big wins, so it’s still anybody’s game!

This weekend will see Melbourne Order compete in all three finals. Nothing is in the bag, but they have a great chance to take the sweep and the major share in prize money (totalling $225,000 for this series). Good luck to all teams!

Gfinity Elite Series CS:GO (Week 5)

  • Sydney Chiefs DEF Melbourne Avant Gaming
  • Melbourne Order DEF Sydney Roar
  • Finals:
    • Melbourne Order
    • Sydney Chiefs

Gfinity Elite Series Rocket League (Week 5)

  • Melbourne Avant Gaming DEF Sydney Chiefs
  • Melbourne Order DEF Perth Ground Zero
  • Finals:
    • Melbourne Order
    • Melbourne Avant Gaming

 Gfinity Elite Series SFV (Week 5)

  • Melbourne Order DEF Sydney Chiefs
  • Perth Ground Zero DEF Melbourne Avant Gaming
  • Finals:
    • Melbourne Order
    • Perth Ground Zero

Gfinity Elite Series Standings

Melbourne Order 13 5
Sydney Chiefs 12 6
Melbourne Avant Gaming 10 8
Perth Ground Zero 9 8
Sydney Roar 4 12
Brisbane Deceptors 3 12


This week marked the second week of the Overwatch Contenders regular season. While still early in the season, it is becoming clear who the major contenders are for this season (pun intended), and unsurprisingly, the Sydney Drop Bears is on this list. Of course, being the winners in Season 1, they do have something to prove! Again, it’s still early in the season, but it is clear that leaders in Season 1 are continuing to dominate even this early in Season 2, with Dark Sided also among the stronger teams in Group B. It will be interesting to see how the next 4 weeks play out in this season.

Week 2 outcomes are outlined below.

Group A

  • Sydney Drop Bears DEF Bin Chickens
  • Blank Blue DEF Bin Tainted Minds
  • Legacy Esports DEF Dignity

Group B

  • Masterminds GC DEF Pixl Esports
  • Dark Sided DEF Serenity
  • Kanga Esports DEF Avant Gaming

Overwatch Contenders (Australia) Current Standings

Group A

Sydney Drop Bears 2 0
Blank Blue 1 1
Legacy Esports 2 0
Bin Chickens 0 2
Tainted Minds 1 1
Dignity 0 2

Group B

Dark Sided 2 0
Masterminds GC 1 1
Avant Gaming 1 1
Pixl Esports 0 2
Kanga Esports 2 0
Serenity 0 2


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