“Madcapsules” has been my Internet handle for a good 10-15 years now, and I’ve managed to secure it across almost everything. As a result, it makes sense for my “online persona” to make use of this, given that’s how I present myself to the world. I guess I could have just used madcapsules.com, but I didn’t. No big deal.

What IS a Madcapsule, exactly?

Well, I guess I’m glad you asked! You see, I’m one of those very uninspired individuals that named myself after a band. Everything else I was looking for was taken, so I tried Madcapsules. And here we are.

Madcapsules refers to the Japanese punk-rock-industrial-heavy-whatever band “The Mad Capsule Markets”. I first saw these guys in 2004 at the Summer Sonic festival in Japan, and soon became a fan. They aren’t huge and don’t have a massive following outside of Japan (it’s hard to even find their music on streaming services), although one of their songs was on one of the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games. Thus, it was pretty easy to secure the name, and this is me most places you see “Madcapsules”… or mdcpsls, which I use for Steam and Instagram (and mdcpslmrkts on Xbox Live, just to make things difficult).

Here’s a video for your reference – this is most likely part of the set I originally saw at Summer Sonic.

So… what’s the plan?

OK. There’s a plan, and it’s pretty simple. The plan is… to write. I’ve written for various websites over the years, and I’ve come to realise that it’s mostly self-congratulating. As a result, rather than write on someone else’s behalf, I’d rather write on my own terms, whether there are 10 people reading, or 100, or a million – it really doesn’t matter. I’m going to write for myself, and if people like it, they’ll find my stuff. And if not? Well, I like writing – it’s cathartic, in a way. Eventually, I plan to write a book or two – sci-fi, fantasy, whatever grabs me. So the plan is to write. Hopefully, people come to read.

Anyway, there’s lots of work to do, so I guess I’ll update this page as time goes on!

22 May 2018 Update

OK, so this site is pretty ugly, and I made the logo myself. It’s also ugly (I have no eye for design). It’s on the list for a redesign, as is the site itself. So far, it’s not very welcoming. I’m also tossing up whether or not I want to publish shorter posts on a more regular basis – it wouldn’t be too much work on my part, but I just can’t think of content that people may want to read in short format – whatever I post needs to be of some use to someone, otherwise it’s pointless for me to do. That said, I do need to post more content, more regularly. We’ll get there. And eventually? Eventually, I’d like to share my book on this site, for free, but I’m just trying to understand the distribution side of things. Would probably help to finish writing it first. Plus, I need readers to read it, so I’ve got some work to do.