About me

I’ve been on this planet now for 39 revolutions around the sun (maybe more, depending on when you read this). A lot has happened over that period, but at the same time, sometimes it feels like nothing has happened at all and I’ve been treading water all this time. And now, I’m married with two kids, and I spend much of my time in a thankless job trying to sell technology in a highly competitive market. In other words, I’m an average person just trying to exist alongside a bunch of other average people. It can be tough at times.

Now, sitting alone in my office on the 27th floor of Melbourne’s Rialto South Tower, I’m coming to realise that I need to find myself again — and so I undertake this journey of self-discovery.

Fifteen years ago, single and living in Tokyo, I knew who I was, and what I wanted to do with myself. Sure, oftentimes that was “party” or “drink,” but life was uncomplicated and I was young. Five years later I was married and living back in Melbourne — I suddenly thrust myself into the adult world of work and responsibility. I’ve done well to get where I am today, but I lost a little of myself along the way.

Anyway, that leads me here. You know what I realised? I don’t necessarily like my day job. But I know what I do like and I’ve decided to put some time into that. Working with some friends, I’ve started a podcast about Warframe, and this will lead to several other things. This page, which started as my blog, will grow into something more business-minded – but still be my blog as well. Madcapsules Gaming will now be a small business and a platform from which I can launch my projects.

The first of these, of course, is the podcast – please go check it out (anchor.fm/cephalonsquared). Alongside that, we’ve launched a bunch of social platforms to support our burgeoning community. Next, we’ll build a website as abase for our Warframe content, before launching some unannounced projects.

From there, who knows? We might break out into other games as well, but the reality is, I’ll need to offset my day job somehow! If you like what I’m doing and you’d like to support – feel free to donate to us via Ko-fi, or just keep consuming our content.