Review: NieR: Automata

NieR: Automata is the perfect example as to why I don’t like to use scores in my reviews. It’s the kind of game that is so original in its intent, and some of the tactics that are employed are likely to be so polarising, that it’s virtually impossible to be able to justify an objective approach. For me, NieR: Automata is a very strong contender for Game of the Year, and may even make a spot on the coveted “Greg’s favourite games of all time” list – and yet I know that it’s absolutely not for everyone, and is imperfect in many ways (most of which are likely deliberate on the part of the designer, to be fair). Continue reading Review: NieR: Automata

Review: Yakuza 0

Ask anyone to describe the Yakuza series (or read a review of any title in the series) and it’s likely that you’ll be told the games are a genre of their own. Part open-world, part action-adventure, part CGI video extravaganza, the Yakuza games can’t accurately be compared to any one title out there. Some might say GTA or Sleeping Dogs – which owes much to the Yakuza series, I might add – but I would argue that neither of these really feel much like the Yakuza games at all. Continue reading Review: Yakuza 0