Opinion: The Future of Destiny 2

If you played the original Destiny, you’ll know it was a rollercoaster ride. You may also recall that the ride began to stabilise following the release of “The House of Wolves” (the second DLC), around 9 months after the initial release. Things weren’t considered “acceptable” though until “The Taken King”, a major expansion that kicked off Destiny’s second year of live services. While Destiny continued to have its haters, the game saw increased success into its second year, decreasing into the third year due to a perceived lack of content. Overall, though, Destiny should be considered a success, regardless of which side of the fence you sit. Destiny 2 is experiencing much the same teething issues, but to a greater degree – mainly because players are disappointed that the developers perhaps did not learn their lesson from Destiny 1. As we head into the second year of Destiny 2, I thought I’d take a look into what has happened over the course of the last year, and get a feel for what the future might hold.

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Retro Revival: Atari and Intellivision Return to the Console Market

Coming as a surprise to pretty much everyone, two of the primary players in the very first video game console war have both announced their intention to release a brand new console to market in the coming months. Atari Interactive plans to release their new Atari VCS to market in 2019, and have carefully shared limited bits of information with the gaming public. Intellivision Entertainment also recently came out of the woodwork to announce that they also plan to release a new Intellivision console to market, but details so far are scarce, and a release date is unknown. Given the relative maturity of the market, I thought I’d take a look at where these companies came from, and why they think now might be the right time to join in the festivities. I’ll also look at whether or not either is likely to be successful…

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E3 2018: Who won? An Investigationing

Every year after E3 comes to an end, gamers worldwide tend to share their opinions about “who won E3?” – you’ll see this on the big sites and little ones alike, not to mention all over YouTube. But is it fair? Even I have been known to have a go, giving the big win to Sony last year, but this year had me reeling – not because nobody deserved it, but mainly because of one comment I saw on a response to a summary of Microsoft’s conference, which went something along the lines of “well, Microsoft didn’t convince me to buy an Xbox this year, so they didn’t win”. I thought this was a good point – what is the purpose of the E3 press conferences, and how much do they really matter?

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E3 2018 – What I’m Hoping to See

This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is fast approaching – it’s on between the 12th and 14th of June in the US (the 13th-15th for us in Australia). Some pre-E3 news has already hit us (Battlefield V, Call of Duty 4, Fallout: 76, and Pokemon, for example), but of course, there will be a bunch of new announcements over the course of the three days that the event is active. Given the reports that we are coming towards the end of the PlayStation 4’s lifecycle (and by extension, probably the Xbox One as well), it is likely that there will be some big announcements on the software front this year, although of course, that remains to be seen. I have some expectations, as well as some things that I’m hoping to see that may not eventuate – so let’s look into them, shall we?

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Platinum Games’ Secret Ingredient

I’m dumb. Some of you may know this, but I just came to the realisation recently. Basically, I realised I was dumb for ignoring Bayonetta for so long. I should have known better. I mean – I played Nier: Automata last year, and it instantly became one of my favourite games ever, but I never put any thought into WHY it was so good. Turns out it has a little more than something to do with the developer, Platinum Games. And I discovered this when I played Bayonetta recently and realised almost instantly that THAT would also become one of my favourite games ever. This is when I put two and two together. See? I can be clever sometimes.

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The changing face of video game coverage

I am a child of the ‘80s and ‘90s, so I’ve seen video game coverage in its infancy, and watched as it developed into what it is today. As such, I was an active participant in the golden age of video game magazines, and I saw the shift towards the Internet in the late ‘90s and early 2000s. As I myself matured, I wanted to be a part of the fun, and over the last 10 or so years, I’ve had two or three of my own blogs and written for several independent enthusiast websites. Over time, though, it’s gotten harder – for multiple reasons. On the one hand, there’s just not enough actual jobs out there to make “chasing the dream” a worthwhile use of my time (not to mention the fact that the jobs that do exist probably don’t pay what I would need to survive). On the other, I’m just not sure that what I want to do actually fits into what the industry needs. In fact, I’d even go as far as saying that the industry isn’t really sure what it needs right now.

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First Impressions: Overwatch League

Esports is still something I’m trying to come to grips with. I want it to be a “thing” because I like video games, and I’d love a spectator sport that I can identity with. However, to date, esports tournaments have been uncomfortably geeky, and lacking in their own identity. But with Overwatch League (OWL), it looks like things may be changing.

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